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Rabbi Eliyahu Davidowitz

Director of Outreach and Development / Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Davidowitz is originally from Rochester, NY, where he began his rabbinical studies in TIUNY.  He continued his studies in RSA and received his rabbinical ordination in 2008 from Rabbi Moshe Heinemann of Star-K Kosher.  His love for education began with teaching Sunday school in Rochester and grew while on staff at the  Together with his wife Naomi and family, Rabbi Davidowitz moved to Las Vegas in 2008 to found the Kollel.  In addition to his role of teaching and development, Rabbi Davidowitz has a passion for making Jewish living fun and engaging through unique Jewish social events.


Summerlin Rabbi
Rabbi Dovid Y.

Rabbi, Summerlin Shul

Rabbi Kitainik, originally from Kew Gardens Hills, NY, received his rabbinical ordination from the Rabbinical Seminary of America in 2005.  Prior to joining Kollel, Rabbi Kitainik spent three years as a Talmud, Bible, and Jewish Law instructor at Yeshiva Tiferes Yisroel in Brooklyn, NY.  In 2008 Rabbi Kitainik joined Kollel as part of the original team of rabbis.  In 2013 Rabbi Kitainik began focusing his efforts toward creating the Summerlin Shul.  The Shul community began in the Kitainik Family’s living room and with the dedication, vision, and hard work of Rabbi and Rebbitzen Leah Kitainik the Summerlin Shul has become a vibrant Torah community.

Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Nachum

Executive Director / Rosh Kollel

Rabbi Meth was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland.  He studied at Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim and its affiliates for 13 years, culminating in his rabbinic ordination in 2011.  While living in Queens, NY, Rabbi Meth received his bachelor’s degree in psychology from Touro University, and his master’s degree in education from The Azrieli School of Jewish Education.  When he is not delivering an exciting class or running an engaging program, Rabbi Meth can often be found cycling or studying American history.  Rabbi Meth brings his energy and passion to Las Vegas together with his wife Penina, originally from Miami Beach, FL, and their three adorable boys: Akiva, Isaac, and Benny.

Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Aryeh

The core of Kollel is the daily internal Torah study session: the Kollel Seder Fellowship program. Kollel Seder is the source of spiritual strength that our Kollel rabbis draw from as they build and teach Torah through all of our classes and programs, and we are honored and privileged to have Rabbi Goldman lead the program.  Rabbi Goldman joined Kollel in 2016 after serving with distinction on the faculty of the Rabbinical Seminary of America for ten years. In that position,  Rabbi Goldman was responsible for educating and mentoring rabbinical students as they prepared for their careers in rabbinic leadership, education, and outreach.  His leadership raises the bar of Torah scholarship in Kollel and throughout the community: he is a rabbi's rabbi.  Rabbi Goldman, his wife Michal, and their family are an invaluable asset to the Las Vegas community.


Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Daniel

Rabbi Rubenstein hails from Los Angeles and joined Kollel in 2014 after studying in Jerusalem, Miami, London, and Queens, NY.  He is both a Rabbi and a certified Mohel, receiving his rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Moshe Heinemann of Baltimore Star K Kosher and Milah (ritual circumcision) certification from the London School of Circumcision.   Additionally, Rabbi Rubenstein received his Master’s in Education from Touro University International.   Together with his wife Elisheva, Rabbi Rubenstien is known to bring a down to earth, compelling, relevant and fun twist to many Kollel programs and learning opportunities.


Kollel is extremely grateful for the service and contributions of our past staff members
Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Dani

Rabbi Locker was one of the founding members of Kollel and until 2018 served as director of youth programing.  Through Rabbi Locker’s hard work and vision, Kollel established Camp Nageela West in the Summer of 2009 with Rabbi Locker serving as its director.  In 2015, Kollel created a partnership with Nageela National to ultimately form Nageela West Coast Jewish Experiences which now runs as an independent organization.  Rabbi Locker continues to serve as an associate rabbi for Kollel where he leads Kollel's Hebrew School as well as youth programming in both Summerlin and Henderson.

Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Menachem

Rabbi Mencahem Moscovitz joined Kollel in 2015 and severed as Kollel’s director of events for two years. Rabbi Moscovitz left Kollel to join the Mesivta of Las Vegas as its Executive Director, educating and inspiring high-schoolers with his many talents.  Rabbi Moscovitz still remains closely connected to Kollel, leading and participating in many of Kollel’s programs, activities, and initiatives. 


UNLV rabbi
Rabbi Avi

Rabbi Cutler partnered with Kollel in 2012 to create Las Vegas Jewish Experience (LVJE), an organization serving college students at UNLV, CSN, Roseman University, and now UNR in Reno as well as young professionals from around the Valley.  Raised in Los Angeles and then New York, he is a graduate of the Rabbinical Seminary of America and holds the unique distinction of being both an ordained rabbi and practicing attorney, graduating from St. John’s University School of Law.  In 2016 LVJE blossomed into an independent organization that works closely with Kollel on many outreach initiatives.

Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Yehoshua

Rabbi Yehoshua Fromowitz served Kollel for five years as founding Co-Rosh Kollel and Director of Operations. In 2011, Kollel founded Ahavas Torah Center in Green Valley and rabbi Fromowitz assumed the role of the congregational rabbi. In the summer of 2020, Rabbi Fromowitz joined the faculty of Foxman Torah Institute in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. 

Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Shimon

Rabbi Shimi Gewirtz served as an outreach rabbi focusing on the Israeli and Hebrew speaking community from 2015 through 2017.  Since then, Rabbi Gewirtz has completed a degree and certification in skilled nursing.


Las Vegas Rabbi
Rabbi Yosef
Kalter, of blessed memory

Rabbi Yosef Kalter served Kollel as Director of Kashrut Supervision at the Adelson Educational Campus. In the short time he was with us, Rabbi Kalter was instrumental in raising Kashrut standards in the school and the community.  His passion and enthusiasm left an indelible impact on the Summerlin community.  Tragically, Rabbi Kalter sucumbed to cancer in December of 2013.  Our Kollel continually strives to live up to the ideals that Rabbi Kalter lived by.  He is memorialized in our community by the Rabbi Yosef Kalter Bais Medrash at Kollel, dedicated in his eternal memory.  May his memory be a source of blessing.

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