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A Project Of Kollel

A friendly and engaging English-based service for Jews of any background or with no background at all


What is the Explanatory Service?


Looking for a friendly, diverse, warm and welcoming place to pray, learn, and belong?  Are you more comfortable with a service held in English? The Explanatory Service at Kollel is for you!  Each Shabbat at 9:45 AM, Rabbi Aryeh Goldman and Rabbi Nachum Meth lead a thought-provoking and eye-opening service followed by a community kiddush at 11AM.  


The Explanatory Service is an engaging service specifically geared for those who are not comfortable in a traditional, Hebrew-based service.  The messages are timeless, the environment is user-friendly, and the prayers are heartfelt.

The Explanatory Service meets for the High Holidays as well.  Come for meaningful and impactful English-based Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services that are user- friendly and accessible.  Contact Kollel here to learn more about the User Friendly high Holiday Service.


Want to lean more about the Explanatory Service? Please click here to reach out to Kollel; or, better yet, come  walk in any Shabbat morning at 9:45 and experience prayer in a more meaningful and practical way than you ever thought possible!


By officially joining the shul, you are doing your part in supporting our growing community. Although membership is never required to reserve High Holiday seats or to join us for prayer and study, it does makes you a partner in our mission of building community through Torah. Please consider joining us in this important and meaningful way!  Click HERE to join.


Visit Kollel's classes webpage to see some of the great learning opportunities available at he shul!

Shul Security

The shul has armed security  to ensure the safety of adults and children who are inside and outside the Kollel building on Shabbos.  Thank you to those who responded so quickly to help pay for this important safety need.  If you have not yet done so, please consider an annual donation of $150 to help keep everyone safe.  Click here to donate.

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