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The word Kollel comes from the hebrew word klal, which means group or community.  A Kollel is a group of dedicated Jewish families who live, learn, and teach in the community. The Community Kollel of Greater Las Vegas is a community center for vibrant Jewish learning, and is a hub for a diverse network of dynamic programs for Jews of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of observance.  Kollel is an innovative, welcoming, non-denominational resource for Torah education.


At Kollel, we open the Jewish mind, heart, and soul!  Since its founding in 2008, Kollel has been committed to reaching every Jew, regardless of background and affiliation, and linking them to their Jewish identity and heritage.  At the center of that connectivity is the Torah, and the personal and unique relationship that every Jew has with it.


Kollel, through its engaging classes, exciting events, and wide range of programs, plants the seeds for blossoming Torah growth in the Las Vegas Jewish Community.


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The Community Kollel of Greater Las Vegas:


Enriching the Las Vegas Jewish Community with the warmth, vitality, and joy of Torah learning and Jewish living! 

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